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I Let a ChatGPT App Take Over my Phone’s Keyboard

And it was wild

We're still in the early days of 2023, but if there is any major tech story from the year that will be the most memorable, it will be the incredible rise of ChatGPT. After the original ChatGPT app rose to fame in late 2022, it's become increasingly popular this year — most recently, with Microsoft integrating ChatGPT into Bing.

But it's not just Microsoft that is using ChatGPT. A company called ParagraphAI used ChatGPT to create an "AI writing app" that uses artificial intelligence to reply to your texts, emails, Twitter DMs and more. Gone are the days of having to manually type out messages yourself – just make the AI do it! But is it any good? I've been testing the ParagraphAI app on my iPhone, and it's been a wild experience … for a few different reasons.

Getting started with ParagraphAI is fairly simple. After downloading it to your iPhone or Android phone, you're guided through a few instructional screens and asked to select ParagraphAI as your default keyboard (more on that later). Once you're through all that, you will finally land on the home screen with three options at the top: Write, Reply and Improve.

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