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Trump to Visit Ohio Amid Political Showdown Over Train Derailment

The former president's rhetoric is expected to exacerbate tensions

Donald Trump plans to visit the tiny Ohio town on Wednesday, escalating a political showdown in the wake of a fiery train derailment that left some residents fearful of contaminated air and water.

Ahead of his scheduled trip, the former president suggested residents of the town "were abandoned," echoing a chorus of Republicans who have chastised President Joe Biden for not visiting. The city's conservative mayor called Biden's recent trip to Ukraine a "slap in the face."

Yet Trump has also faced criticism for his administration's rollback of rail safety rules and moves to downsize the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which Democrats have raised as they seek to turn some of the scrutiny back toward the 45th president in the aftermath of the derailment. And some residents of East Palestine — including Trump supporters — said they saw little value in his trip.

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