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Commonsense Ways to Unlock Leadership That Connects

Understanding psychological sense

Coping with radical change is taxing. For people to thrive rather than merely survive requires complex processing, reflection, learning — and psychological sense. 

Psychological sense™ is a person’s ability to fulfill their foundational psychological needs so they can experience optimal motivation, sustained high performance and a state of thriving. When people unlock their psychological sense, they fulfill their foundational need for choice, connection and competence that generates optimal motivation. The vitality created through optimal motivation is essential for all of us to adapt to change with resilience and innovation, achieve results and flourish — at the same time.

Unlocking people’s psychological sense — and your own

I urge you to rethink how you’ve approached leadership in the past. You need new and different leadership capacities to help unlock people’s psychological sense. I presented twelve empirically-sound leadership skills in an academic journal that encourage choice, deepen connection and build competence. I have a new book being published outlining how these skills create an optimally motivated workforce by unlocking people’s psychological sense. 

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