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The Amazonification of Buying a New Car

Changing consumer behaviors are impacting our automobiles

In 2019, Tampa resident Nick Augeri, a self-described electric vehicle enthusiast, bought his first, a Tesla Model 3. He loved the process—it was all online. He placed his order with a few clicks, and it showed up a day or two later. Augeri even arranged for the electric carmaker to collect his gas guzzler, a Ford F-150 truck.

Tesla was the leader in moving car purchases away from the franchised dealership and onto the internet. In 2019, it said it would no longer sell cars any other way. The decision, which CEO Elon Musk cast as a cost-saving measure, was met with skepticism by the auto industry. But Augeri was untroubled. “Buying from Tesla was really easy,” he said. “They were innovators.”

A few things have changed since 2019.

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