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Extend In-person Events Through Digital Strategies

Digital content can generate ongoing member engagement

At the end of a major conference, it may be tempting to close the books on the event and move on to planning the next one, but that road leads to a land of missed opportunities. Instead, from the outset of planning an in-person meeting, recognize that it can produce a trove of digital assets that you can use later to maintain connections, keep attendees engaged, and build brand awareness.

“We see digital extensions being a benefit to association events in a lot of different ways,” said Jack Macleod, president of 360 Live Media. “It frees [attendees] up while they’re there in person to not feel the pressure of having to get to every single session. Or, if there are sessions at the same time and they have to make a difficult decision, knowing that they’ll be able to go online afterwards and catch whatever they missed on demand enables the attendee to embrace all the best that comes with being there in person.”

The Consumer Technology Association has seen about 40 percent of attendees go online for post-show viewing of content delivered at its CES conference. The show was virtual in 2020, and hybrid in 2021 and 2022.

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