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Fragrance Group Launches Robust Data-gathering Effort

The group wanted to elevate its forecasting

A trade association has introduced a new program for data gathering that’s designed to improve strategic and advocacy decision-making.

The Fragrance Creators Association launched its Policy Insights Program in late January as a way to centralize disparate information around regulations, legislation, consumer behavior, and supply-chain issues. "What we really wanted to do was optimize our ability to advance the development of regulatory pathways and public policy approaches that empower the fragrance industry to innovate and grow and thrive," said FCA President and CEO Farah Ahmed. "We wanted to take our forecasting to the next level."

FCA's membership covers a wide range of companies—from designer perfume manufacturers to consumer brands to multinational chemical firms, which intensifies the need to better gather and organize data. Among the kinds of information the program will collect are media coverage, nongovernmental organization activity, scientific research, consumer trends, confidentially-shared member data and more. 

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