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How to Avoid Leadership Advice That Can Sabotage Your Career, Mental Health

If you’re seeking leadership advice, prepare to be overwhelmed

The pressure to be a great leader is significant—and for good reason. 

A recent study of 3,400 people across 10 countries by the Workforce Institute at UKG found that for 69 percent of people, their managers had the greatest impact on their mental health—on par with their partners. In fact, managers had a greater impact on workers’ mental health than their doctors and therapists.

Plus, a survey of 3,000 people by GoodHire found 82 percent of workers would quit their job because of a bad manager. And 83 percent believe they could do their job without their manager. Only 32 percent of people believe their manager really cares about their career progression, and the biggest frustration is when their manager micromanages them or asks them to work outside their standard hours. When asked what they want most, people say they want a manager who is honest and authentic.

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