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Six Strategies for Embracing Equity in the Workplace

Sponsoring women is one of the most effective ways to equitably advance them

Embrace Equity is the 2023 theme for International Women’s Day (IWD), which is celebrated on March 8.

As women continue to reel from the negative impacts of the pandemic, which adjusted the world’s timeline to achieve gender parity from 100 to 132 years, IWD is a good reminder that associations need to embrace equitable policies and programs that can accelerate this timeline for women within their own organizations and industries.

In most industries and professions, women and men enter careers at roughly equal numbers, but women are disproportionately concentrated at the lower levels of organizations. Women lose ground beginning with the first promotion—a phenomenon dubbed the “broken rung” by McKinsey. The firm’s 2022 research shows that for every 100 men promoted from entry-level roles to junior manager positions, only 87 women are promoted, and only 82 women of color are promoted. With fewer women at each advancing level, women comprise only 26 percent of U.S. corporate C-suites.

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