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How To Organize Employee Records And Remain Compliant

Re-evaluating your current employee record-keeping system

HR Question:

Now that we've started another new year, I’d like to organize our employee records, but I'm not sure where to start. Should I keep employee records in filing cabinets or should I create electronic records? Can you provide some guidance?

HR Answer:

Before you put yet another document into an overstuffed employee file, make a fresh start by reevaluating your current employee record-keeping system. If you are using paper files, consider color-coding the files for easy access.

Whether you're going to stick with paper files, create electronic files or store your records in the cloud, it is recommended that you create separate sets of records based on the information you are storing. Some recommend up to five separate sets of employee records. Of course, there is some leeway in employee records storage, so below are some considerations on file separation as you organize your own records.

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