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Why You May Want to Avoid Channeling Your Inner Elon

Good leadership is about more than just success

Several years ago, I wrote an article here entitled "Why Steve Jobs is a Leadership Nightmare." I wrote it with my college students in mind because, at the time, Jobs, Apple's CEO, was one of the most popular and successful leaders in the world. As such, many of my students admired him. That was the problem, because as successful as Steve Jobs was, he could sometimes be a tyrant—throwing tantrums, belittling employees, displaying arrogance and allegedly taking credit for others' ideas. The message was: it is okay to behave poorly toward others as long as you are successful. The ends justify the means.

But that is dead wrong.

It isn't enough for a leader to be successful. Beyond success, a good leader needs to develop followers, boost their confidence and sense of efficacy, and treat them with respect. The very best leaders are positive role models for their followers—demonstrating positive and ethical behavior, and giving credit where credit is due.

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