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Gen Z's Favorite Colors are Eye-popping

And now we're seeing them everywhere

Adrian Chan, an architect and researcher, has always loved the sleek lines of 1960s retrofuturism combined with a muted color palette. Plenty of his past projects leaned on this subdued aesthetic, including his work on Office of Blocks and Longitudinal Studio. Yet, during a recent project he designed for a dietitian’s studio, Chan decided to shake things up by injecting a pop of saturated mint green throughout the space.

The client for whom he was designing wanted to appeal to a wide demographic, including younger clientele, and this statement green (also described as Neo Mint), felt aligned with a new wave of bold colors popping up in marketing and products.

“I think it has to do with technology being all encompassing, but still, people want to be in touch with nature,” Chan said of his choice. “These colors evoke both progress and nature.”

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