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Sometimes, Managers Cross the Line

Avoid these four mishaps to to circumvent this category

Whoever said managing people was easy certainly never worked in management. At first, we may consider that the job deals with the adequate distribution of tasks and delegating work — but a deeper dive into the subject quickly shows us that that's not the case. When we realize how crucial the human factor is in all this, we begin to consider the careful observation of our thought patterns and actions.

Being in charge of a group of people mainly has to do with your soft skills and ability to connect with other individuals. Because truly hard skills are usually acquired and maintained through hard work and determination but it's our soft skills (or lack thereof) that oftentimes get in our way.

In entrepreneurship and management, it's exactly our ability to read people and situations that help us each time we need to take care of an issue in the team. Numerous times we've read and heard about the importance of showing empathy, strengthening the bond with our fellow employees and considering their opinions, feelings and ideas they have. And while this is essential, sometimes managers are not immune to crossing the line even when showcasing all the above-mentioned characteristics and patterns of behavior.

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