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Four Ways to Build a More Adaptable, Resilient Culture at Your Organization

Some tips to consider

Why did some employees handle the COVID-19 crisis better than others? According to Deloitte, the employees who coped better with rapid change worked for companies that promoted key ingredients of adaptability, such as empowered decision-making.

This isn't a surprise: Companies with adaptive cultures consistently rise to the top of the leaderboard. Take Amazon, for example. Since its inception, the ecommerce giant has consistently adapted to fluctuating markets and consumer preferences, introducing new products and services to stay ahead of the competition.

Your business can also create a culture characterized by openness, respect, collaboration, creativity, innovation and pragmatic risk-taking. However, you might encounter some challenges. Changing a culture takes time and effort, not to mention a great deal of patience. You may need to modify your responses and choices to set an example. After all, it's easier for people to demonstrate resilience if they see a good role model in leadership.

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