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Why Productivity Isn’t Everything for Leaders

Better leadership means diversifying leadership styles

There's no one wrong way to be a leader—except, perhaps, being overly committed to the idea that there's one right way of doing things.

Consider the case of Elon Musk, who since taking over Twitter last year has worked to institute a productivity-focused, "hardcore" workplace culture at the social media platform. There is no need to restate the various ways this has backfired on Musk. I've written about Musk before, but I do not mean to pick on him; he may yet right the ship, and some of the worst tragedies that doomsayers have predicted for the company haven't come to pass. But there is no question that his results-above-all philosophy has proven alienating, and often counterproductive.

That’s why Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff got plenty of pushback when he recently said more executives should “unleash their own Elon” when it comes to managing (or firing) their workforces. University of Chicago Management Professor Ayelet Fishbach told Insider that such an approach can be devastating.

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