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AI Isn’t Yet Going to Take Your Job

However, you may have to work with it

In a world of infallible artificial intelligence (AI), computers could do most of our work for us. They could diagnose our illnesses in a second. Robots and autonomous vehicles could shop and deliver our groceries. Systems could ensure we don't break our budgets. AI could operate our transit — planes, trains and cars — without human assistance, and even make our dinner.

That's the vision of many AI enthusiasts. But the current reality is that while there has been progress, humans are still required to do most jobs. An AI could introduce problems to the workplace, creating risks for workers, their employers and customers, some experts say.

Today, AI can power grocery store robots that change how stores get stocked, speed up vaccine production and generate creative ideas. But the latest advancements raise important questions for workers: How much of our jobs depend on humans? Can technology replace us?

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