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Social Media has Reinvented the Way Gen Z Finds Jobs

Increasingly, they shun traditional hiring practices

As more members of Gen Z join the workforce, they have increasingly shunned traditional hiring practices, seeking jobs via social media instead — and employers need to keep up. 

For Gen Z, using social media is second nature. Over half of Gen Z spends four hours or more on social media daily, according to a survey by Morning Consult. Being accustomed to brief communication across multiple networks impacts their expectations about all areas of life, including employment, and makes the practice of completing long, arduous online applications simply archaic. Research by talent engagement platform AtlasJobs shows that the average online application takes 51 clicks, and 92 percent of job candidates abandon these applications along the way. That's a lot of lost potential. 

"The most progressive generation America has ever seen is walking into one of the oldest environments we have," said Jo Webber, AtlasJobs' CEO. "There's a disconnect with employers."

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