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Rekindling the Inner Flame in Others, Ourselves

How to be a leader who cares about people

Do you feel like the inner flame that motivates you in your personal and professional life has dimmed? Answering a few questions will provide insight into how you can rekindle your inner light. Before we pose the questions, though, let us share a story that illuminates why contemplating them is so valuable. 

Doug Conant’s story: Being honored and honoring others
Doug Conant is the leader who turned around Campbell Soup Company when he served as President and CEO from 2001-2011. We’ve previously written about how Conant held senior leaders accountable for improving employee engagement at Campbell’s and the tremendous difference it made. 

We had a long conversation with Conant recently and came away very encouraged by how his views on leadership are aligned with what we advocate about fostering connection cultures. In particular, we wanted to know more about him as a person and how he developed into a leader who cares about people. Who had influenced him? We learned that his journey to the top of the corporate ladder hadn’t come without obstacles.

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