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U.S. Advocacy Group Asks FTC to Stop New OpenAI GPT Releases

CAIDP called it biased and deceptive

The tech ethics group Center for Artificial Intelligence and Digital Policy (CAIDP) is asking the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to stop OpenAI from issuing new commercial releases of GPT-4, which has wowed some users and caused distress for others with its quick and human-like responses to queries.

In a complaint to the agency on Thursday, which is on the group's website, the CAIDP called GPT-4 "biased, deceptive and a risk to privacy and public safety."

OpenAI, which is based in California and backed by Microsoft unveiled the fourth iteration of its GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) AI program in early March, which has excited users by engaging them in human-like conversation, composing songs and summarizing lengthy documents.

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