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Tornadoes Tear Through Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and the South

Twenty-four people died as a result

Punishing storms swept through a large swath of the nation Friday night into Saturday, unleashing deadly tornadoes and carving a path of destruction that killed at least 24 people in the South, Midwest and Mid-Atlantic.

The storms were most lethal in Tennessee, a state still reeling from Monday’s horrific school shooting in Nashville that took the lives of a half-dozen students and adults. The mayor of rural McNairy County, where at least seven people were killed, said the area was hit by two back-to-back tornadoes. It was the second one, which landed just before midnight Friday, that took lives there.

"Most people thought, 'We made it through the first one, we will be all right.' So they went back to their homes," said Mayor Larry Smith. "They thought we would not get hit again. The second wave was much worse than the first. It followed almost exactly the same path. It was hard to imagine that would happen. But this one was just way more intense."

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