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Becoming a Mindful CEO of Your Own Life

A healthy brain involves integrating multiple unique brain systems

We live in a culture that idealizes a busy life but the vilification of idle time comes at a cost. If we stay in constant motion, we risk keeping our brains on constant alert, limiting our intelligence and creativity. The reality is we need downtime to untangle our thoughts and tap into our emotions.

To appreciate the value of taking the time to turn inward, it is helpful to understand how our brains operate. In some moments, we need to be highly focused on a task, and in other moments, it is necessary to have open awareness or social connection. Each self-state that rises to meet these different situations is associated with a unique pattern of neural system activation.

Consider the operation of a successful corporation. In order for it to run smoothly, it’s essential that the company hires a skilled Chief Operations Officer (COO) who can oversee operations and administrative tasks. They also need a talented Chief Security Officer (CSO) to manage security and a Chief Talent and Culture Officer (CTCO), who is tasked with overseeing the personnel and culture of the company. Finally, there’s a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who sits at the apex of the organization. She monitors the pulse of the company by gathering information from the rest of the C-Suite and synthesizing it into an overall plan of action. She knows the importance of each individual executive, values their contributions, and encourages them to work together as smoothly as possible.

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