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SCOTUS Justice Defends His Lack of Disclosures

Clarence Thomas says billionaire-financed trips didn’t need to be disclosed

Today, Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) Justice Clarence Thomas said he did not disclose luxury travel paid for by a Republican donor because he was advised at the time that he did not have to report it.

In a rare statement sent via SCOTUS' public information office, Thomas said the trips he and his wife, Ginni, took with the donor Harlan Crow and his wife – whom Thomas describes as among his family’s “dearest friends” – were the “sort of personal hospitality from close personal friends” that he was advised did not require disclosure.

Thomas’ travel with the Crows, which included trips on the donor’s yacht and private jet, was the subject of a bombshell ProPublica report published Thursday. Congressional Democrats have called for an investigation into the matter and for a stronger, applicable ethics code for the justices.

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