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How Retailers Can Boost Their Omnichannel Options

Having payment options that members trust can increase sales

For retailers today, being flexible to consumers’ needs and wants is key to surviving. Consumers expect a variety of payment options, whether it’s buy-now, pay-later installments, contactless payments in-store, or mobile options to purchase on the go. As a result, many retail companies are adopting omni-channel payment strategies that satisfy customers’ purchasing preferences while keeping their company healthy and growing.

Omnichannel Strategies That Reduce Friction

Integrated Platforms – Before the pandemic, small and medium-sized retailers worked with multiple vendors for payments, operations, fraud management, and more. Today, many merchants are switching to a single vendor that can meet all their payment-related needs in an end-to-end experience.

Finding a vendor that can offer an integrated platform is key. It reduces headaches for consumers, drives demand, and can streamline a returns process. Merchants need to find a custom solution to IT for their businesses and increasingly, they are seeking vendors that provide all other payment functions in one place.

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