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How to Use Apple’s New All-in-one Password Manager

Your iPhone, iPad and Mac now have a built-in password feature

Most people don't use a password manager or two-factor authentication—even people who know it's a good idea—because installing and managing yet another app just sounds exhausting. Well, if you're an Apple user, you don't need another app anymore: Your device can manage your passwords and generate two-factor authentication codes for you, and you can even sync them with a Windows computer.

Password managers are important. Why? To quickly summarize, using the same password for every website and app is an open invitation for hackers to access all of your accounts. That's because passwords regularly leak, and a leaked password on one site can give hackers access to all your other accounts if you use the same password everywhere. It's best, then, to use a totally different password on every site, but no human being can remember that many passwords.

Password managers are the best solution we have at the moment, because they can generate, and then store, secure passwords for all of your services. Most people don't use one, though, because such apps can be complicated to learn, and the best ones aren't free.

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