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How Less May be More on Monday Mornings

Three-fourths of workers get anxious on Sundays about the upcoming week

With just two days of rest before starting a 40-hour or more workweek, it's no surprise that Mondays are so widely dreaded. But are the "Monday blues" getting in the way of work?

LinkedIn found that out of the 2,000 workers they surveyed, 75 percent experienced the "Sunday scaries," feelings of anxiety and stress about starting another workweek. On top of that, workers are more burned out now than they were in 2021, with 42 percent feeling burnout compared to 38 percent, according to research group Future Forum. Many workers likely enter work on Monday tired and anxious for the week ahead, but managed right, doing the bare minimum can actually set a more positive tone for the week ahead.

"'Bare minimum Mondays' is a trend that's been derived from other trends that we've seen in the last four months, such as quiet quitting," said Andrew Hunter, economist and co-founder of global job search engine Adzuna. "Many people may think of it as employees slacking off and doing less work at the beginning of the week, but having that space to ease into a busy week can be beneficial."

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