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Start a Wellness Conversation to Reduce Employee Turnover

Employers should use at least two methods to surface potential concerns

Employee retention is still a challenge at associations, and experts recommend that supervisors hold deeper conversations with workers to better understand what will keep them from leaving.

A March text poll of association executives and HR professionals, conducted by ASAE and Avenue M Group, found that the Great Resignation was still an issue in 2022, with a majority of associations reporting double-digit turnover rates. The plurality of respondents—35 percent—reported that their turnover rates were between 11 and 20 percent last year. Forty-seven percent reported lower turnover rates; 18 percent reported higher rates.

To understand the factors that are prompting employees to leave, said Amanda Haddaway, managing director of HR Culturebox, employers should use at least two methods to surface potential concerns. One is engagement surveys, which ask questions about the organization’s culture, compensation, benefits, rewards and recognition, and more. Such surveys should be brief and consistent.

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