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Make Time to Listen

The best leaders always do

As a new leader, one of the challenges you will likely face is learning to handle the increased inbound communication efforts coming your way – everything from more emails, text messages, instant messages and meetings to more people dropping in to talk or stopping you as you walk down the hall. Moving from individual contributor to leader significantly increases the number of inbound messages you receive. 

Also, you have likely heard that you need to make time to listen to your team members – to create open and honest two-way communication. You might have attended a workshop, read blog posts, or listened to podcast episodes telling you that feeling heard and understood is a key driver of employee engagement and that it is your responsibility to make sure your team members feel heard and understood.

Increasing inbound messages, more communications to manage, more people to engage with, and a heightened need to listen to your team – this combination creates a perfect storm for frustration and overwhelm. Frankly, it can feel like a no-win situation. 

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