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FBI Arrests Two Alleged Chinese Agents and Charges 34 with Illegal Activity

They allegedly worked inside the U.S. to silence dissidents of PRC

The FBI has arrested two alleged Chinese agents and federal prosecutors have charged dozens of others with working to silence and harass dissidents within the United States – with some even operating an "undeclared police station" in New York City.

Two individuals associated with an illegal police operation in Chinatown were arrested Monday and are expected to appear in federal court in New York on Monday, according to John Marzulli, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney in the Eastern District of New York.

The defendants allegedly operated an "undeclared police station" in Manhattan. It has been shut down since a search warrant was executed at the location last fall, the spokesman said. The Justice Department announced charges against 34 officers of the national police of the People's Republic of China (PRC) with harassing Chinese nationals in the U.S. critical of the Chinese government.

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