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U.S. Senators Say Credit Suisse Hampered Internal Probe into Nazi-linked Accounts

There allegedly was a multi-year investigation

A committee of U.S. lawmakers on Tuesday said troubled Swiss bank Credit Suisse Group hampered a multi-year investigation into the servicing of Nazi clients and Nazi-linked accounts.

Credit Suisse commissioned an investigation into allegations levied by a human rights organization that the bank held potential Nazi-linked accounts and failed to disclose them, even during Holocaust-related probes decades earlier. A Senate committee's recent investigation into the matter found the bank hindered the probe and "inexplicably terminated" an independent reviewer overseeing it.

The "information we've obtained shows the bank established an unnecessarily rigid and narrow scope, and refused to follow new leads uncovered during the course of the review," Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, the ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, said in a statement.

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