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Living Calm in New Hybrid Environments

Calm is not static

There is no single aesthetic of calm, but there are underlying principles that can empower anyone to create spaces that bring out the best in themselves and others. But it isn’t about sparse white rooms where everything is in its place; it is about filling your space with intention. Calm is not static.

At the start of the pandemic, I began writing about what it means to have calm living and working in the new hybrid environment. All of us are facing additional challenges, maintaining productivity and creativity while managing compounding stresses and demands that come with hybrid work. After practicing design and innovation for over a decade, and teaching design thinking workshops and webinars to thousands of people, I knew it was time to put everything I knew together in a book so that people could have their very own handbook at home for creating spaces. Simple, intentional changes to any environment can have a profound impact on your calm and well-being at home and at work.

This excerpt from my book, Calm Living: Simple Design Transformations to Fill Your Spaces with Tranquility, explains the idea of intentionally using visual elements to express daily mood and how such simple practices can leave you feeling more inspired, clear and energetic. My goal is to help you create spaces and routines that offer peace and clarity (even amid chaos), enable your mind to flow and give you room to learn and grow effortlessly.—Olga Trusova

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