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Encourage Staff to Take Advantage of Mental Health Benefits

Employer-provided mental health programs improve staff well-being

Last December, Employee Assistance Professionals Association CEO Julie Fabsik-Swarts, MS, CFRE, CAP, made the decision to close the EAPA office between Christmas and New Years.

"We'd been on overdrive," Fabsik-Swarts said. "We recently had our annual conference, transitioned to a new website, and moved everything to a new database program."

While giving staff time to recharge is one way to prioritize employee mental health, organizations should also focus on making sure that employees know about and are using their employer-provided mental health benefits. According to One Medical's "The State of Workplace Health Report, 64 percent of workers reported struggling with mental or behavioral health issues in 2022; however, only 19 percent of employees used their mental health benefits.

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