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Five Must-do’s to Lead Like an Ambassador

Consider these tactics

Ideally, everyone who works for an organization would act as an ambassador for that organization to the public at large. In the rare cases where you see that, it's a triumph of a highly-aligned corporate culture. And, as is true with any culture (good ones or bad ones), it starts at the top. When the senior executives act like ambassadors, they also act as role models for everyone else in the company.

At the broadest level, acting like an ambassador for your organization means you're acting on the intention of creating positive customer experiences and impressions in everything you do. That's a starting point for senior leaders; however, for them, leading like an ambassador is much more like operating as if they were an actual ambassador to another country.

I first started thinking about this when I helped run a leadership development program for country general managers of a global company. Those GMs were the senior representatives of that company in their countries. Because they were the public face of their company in France, or Turkey, or Egypt, or wherever they were based, they had to be really intentional about the highest and best use of their time and attention. There were certain things that only they could do as the in-country senior representative of their company.

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