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State Firearms Organization Supports Passage of Constitutional Amendment

The organization says its passage would guard against gun control measures

Under current law, the Ohio constitution can be amended when an issue is placed on the ballot and voters approve by a simple majority. In other words, Ohio's founding document, the keystone of our entire legal system, can be changed by one extra vote in the affirmative.

While the goal may have been to give "power to the people" and enshrine democratic principles in our state, the reality is much different. In the real world, money talks. And ballot issues are almost always won by whoever has the most money. So a wealthy individual or a political group with deep pockets could put an issue on the ballot, spend millions on advertising to voters, and change Ohio law forever.

Imagine billionaire, anti-gun crusader Michael Bloomburg  [sic] flooding Ohio with a pile of cash to enact an AR ban, a red flag law, gun registration or any number of gun control measures. You really don't need to imagine because this was happening right before the 2020 COVID shutdown, when paid activists were busy gathering signatures to put so-called "universal background checks" on the ballot.

Please select this link to read the complete blog post from the gun rights association.

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