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Powerful New Obesity Drug Poised to Upend Weight Loss Care

Mounjaro is expected to help treat type 2 diabetes

As a growing number of overweight Americans clamor for Ozempic and Wegovy, drugs touted by celebrities and on TikTok to pare pounds, an even more powerful obesity medicine is poised to upend treatment.

Tirzepatide, an Eli Lilly and Co. drug approved to treat type 2 diabetes under the brand name Mounjaro, helped people with the disease who were overweight or had obesity lose up to 16 percent of their body weight, or more than 34 pounds, over nearly 17 months, the company said on Thursday.

The late-stage study of the drug for weight loss adds to earlier evidence that similar participants without diabetes lost up to 22 percent of their body weight over that period with weekly injections of the drug. For a typical patient on the highest dose, that meant shedding more than 50 pounds.

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