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Make Uncertainty Your Superpower

Don't fear it - there's no way it won't happen

We’re called to summon the confidence to do hard things throughout life. But sometimes, confidence can become a liability. Some decisions made with confidence can look pretty bad in the rearview mirror.

The tech sector goes on a hiring spree and then has to retrench with thousands of layoffs. The shipping industry bets on the longevity of the breakneck pace of international trade and then has to idle ships and crews. Banks lend, interest rates rise, and they seek higher returns in longer-term investments; when anxious customers want their money, they are turned away, and banks close.

All these strategies were set with the best of intentions and good data. Leaders have to make bets and take their best, most informed shot. Confidence is the fuel that propels us forward. Yet sometimes, that confidence is rewarded with failure.

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