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Are Your Staff Meetings a Culture Problem?

Meeting too often, or meeting virtually, may not be the issue

If you’re a leader, you’re probably spending too much time in meetings. The pandemic era may have taught associations a few things about how to keep meeting time to a minimum—we’re more alert to Zoom fatigue and concerns about wellness and productivity. But the frustrations around meetings aren’t necessarily a function of the post-Covid office or technology. They ultimately come down to the kind of culture you create. 

That’s one takeaway from a recent McKinsey & Company article, “What Makes an Effective Meeting?” There’s some familiar advice in the piece: Look at your standing meetings to see which can be reduced or eliminated; don’t bring in more people than necessary into a meeting; have a clear purpose for the meeting and an idea of its outcomes; look in the camera lens on the Zoom call. But the piece’s more far-reaching message is that the too-many-meetings problem can be a function of how an organization thinks about decisions. 

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