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A continent of opportunities for international associations

Although you may have encountered various portrayals of Africa over the past few decades, such as - a continent in need of development, a rapidly growing economic force, a looming danger, a hub of poverty and forced migration, you name it - the reality is, as usual, more intricate. However, one fact is undeniable: The progress that Africa has achieved in recent years is remarkable. The continent is forging its own path and the potential of Africa is steadily expanding. As publishers, we aim to shed light on Africa in a series of articles, starting with this one, and emphasize why it is the upcoming continent to explore for business events.

But why exactly turning our attention to Africa? The answer lies in two reasons: firstly, Rick Taylor from The Business Tourism Company in South Africa introduced us to the "Corridor of Africa" during an international meetings industry fair last year, which opened our eyes. Whereas previously, South Africa was the dominant African destination present at these trade shows, other African countries are now also emerging and proudly presenting themselves to international planners. This Corridor of African countries, including Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and more, demonstrates that the MICE African industry is evolving into a more sophisticated state.

“The strategy Africa plans to pursue going forward can be summed up in the phrase ‘Concentrate and dominate’ – one step and one country at a time," said Rick Taylor. "As the African continent moves towards a state of maturity (predicted for 2030) and becomes the next supercontinent for business events, those countries with established convention bureau presence will be in a better position to sell to a thriving market. With 54 countries and a burgeoning array of institutions such as tourism boards, bureaux, universities, hotel groups, associations, and more, there is no shortage of potential in Africa. However, the challenge lies in building credentials, and this will require purpose, time and focus.”

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