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Leading Multigenerational Teams Through Digital Transformation

Some tips for embracing change

Digital transformation — using digital technology to create new or modify existing business processes, culture and customer experiences — is no longer just an option. Rather, it's an essential part of every organization that wants to remain competitive in the Digital Age. To successfully embrace this challenge of change, teams must be led with a steady hand and an open mind.

Yet many of today's organizational leaders find themselves at the bow of a ship with a wide-ranging crew. Generational understandings of the value of technology, how to use it and why it matters can vary greatly.

Changes that seem massive to a Baby Boomer may feel like a natural extension of existing technology for a Millennial. And Gen Z workers increasingly see the adoption of new technology as an unspoken expectation in the workplace — and are shocked when their superiors from a past generation don't immediately embrace the idea.

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