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To Grow Membership, Measure What Matters

A focused dive into member behavior can help growth

Associations tend to gather a lot of data, but they do not always consider how to segment or combine it to generate meaningful key performance indicators (KPIs), said Lynda Carlisle, partner at the communications consultancy CS-Effect. Silos are often the culprit and can prevent associations from building an effective engagement and revenue plan.

"You may have membership data on renewals or lapsed membership that the CFO alone is looking at from a revenue standpoint," Carlisle said. "But those numbers can help the organization identify what they need to create a communications strategy and messaging that will resonate with a member."

A focused dive into member behavior has helped the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians identify shortfalls in event attendance among particular segments and then develop methods to better attract them to ACOFP events. 

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