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Four Ways to Leverage the Shifting Events Trends of 2023

Planners aware of emerging trends are at an advantage

When planners put on a successful event, the attendees network, stay up to date on important topics and have some fun—and the host organization generates more revenue. The challenge is that what makes for a successful event is constantly evolving. 

Planners who are aware of emerging trends can make better sense of the shifting landscape and put themselves at an advantage to boost attendance, ultimately helping organizations achieve revenue goals. Here are four ways to do that. 

Attach Leisure Opportunities to the Event 

Attendees might be budget-conscious right now, but they’re still splurging on leisure travel. Business travel, on the other hand, has been slower to return to pre-pandemic levels. To encourage association members to travel to an event, play up the leisure angles. Consider booking an appealing destination and negotiating flexible room packages to allow longer stays. 

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