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How to Polish Your LinkedIn Profile

Use the professional network to highlight your accomplishments

If you're looking to get hired, giving your LinkedIn profile some love should be on your to-do list. It's likely that potential recruiters are going to find it and form impressions of you based on what it looks like, and what's listed.

LinkedIn profiles with huge gaps or out-of-date information—or pages that look like they've been gathering virtual dust for years—aren't going to show you in your best light. On the other hand, a profile that's well maintained and has had some care and attention means you're ticking some of the right boxes.

You might not know all the different ways you can make your profile the best that it can be, far beyond a perfunctory list of your employment and education history. All of these changes can be made through the LinkedIn website. Click Me (top left), then View Profile to bring up your profile and options to edit it.

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