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Why Americans Want Part-time Jobs Again

There is a re-evaluation of how people spend their time

At first, getting laid off from her job at a marketing tech firm in June of 2022 was shocking and depressing for Sam Popp, 33, who had also been furloughed from a different company briefly in 2020.

But then she looked around and realized she was in okay shape. She'd saved money during the pandemic. She had been running a side photography business on weekends that she wanted to spend more time on. And best of all, if she worked for herself, she wouldn’t have to worry about being laid off again.

"What gives me comfort right now is that my well-being doesn’t depend on anyone else but myself," said Popp, a Manhattan resident who launched a career as a freelance photographer and marketing consultant shortly after getting laid off and says she doesn't want to go back to the old ways.

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