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Why the Middle Management Crisis Persists

Tip: Treat middle management as an end in itself

It’s still a tough time for leaders who are not top leaders. They’ve been asked to shoulder the load of handling hybrid work, DEI implementation and a workforce with deeper concerns about wellness. And that is while still being the people responsible for implementing the CEO’s directives about organizational direction. 

At associations, particularly smaller ones, these challenges tend to fall to department heads, not conventional “middle managers”; the head of membership, or meetings or communications are still expected to lead through a constantly shifting environment. So, the chatter that maybe we do not need middle managers anymore will not work there; the role remains essential.

As consultant Juliana Stancampiano recently wrote for CEOworld, "good middle managers inspire employees, minimize confusion and roadblocks and act as a buffer to senior management. For the average worker, their manager is more important to their success and well-being than the CEO."

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