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Arts Groups Launch Coalition to Address Impacts of AI

The campaign aims to establish guidelines around tools like ChatGPT

A global coalition of organizations has launched an advocacy and awareness campaign in response to concerns about the influence of AI on creative professions.

The coalition, called the Human Artistry Campaign, launched in March at the South by Southwest "to ensure artificial intelligence technologies are developed and used in ways that support human culture and artistry—and not ways that replace and erode it."

The campaign launched with 40 member associations—and has since grown to more than 70—representing musicians, visual artists, actors, writers, and more; among the participants are large unions such as AFL-CIO, music publishers like BMI and ASCAP, and music industry trade groups like the Recording Industry Association of America. That speaks to the breadth of legal and financial worries AI has generated. In the past year, tools such as ChatGPT have led to a rise in AI-created works, prompting questions about assigning copyright and paying creators. (For instance, in February D.J. and producer David Guetta released a song that used AI technology featuring a fake version of the rapper Eminem.)

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