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Net Zero Carbon Events Initiative Well on Track with Phase 3

More than 50 countries have participants

It all started with the idea that the meetings industry needs to contribute to the planet’s sustainable development first and foremost by addressing its worse enemy: carbon emissions. The Net Zero Carbon Events (NZCE) initiative has since made great strides in linking all relevant stakeholders towards a common strategy to tackle climate change and meet the 2050 net zero goal. Well into its phase 3 now, NZCE is developing guidance within the frame of its previously released roadmap to support signatories of the initiative in their journey to net zero.

Launched in August 2021, now with more than 520 supporting organizations from 55 countries, NZCE has gathered to date 303 signatures from operators who have committed to the Pledge. Last year, phase 2 introduced a roadmap which set out a common framework for all stakeholders to make their net zero journey together. Developed by feedback from all supporters, the roadmap was focused on event operators and was adaptable to individual companies. It recognized the challenges of varying progress among organizations and aimed at decarbonizing the in-person element of events.

The Scottish Event Campus (SEC) has been involved in Net Zero Carbon Events since its inception at COP26 which was hosted at the venue in 2021, and it has been committed to supporting positive change in the industry.

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