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Anyone Can Photoshop Now

A new ‘generative fill’ AI capability can create joyful Photoshop edits

Everyone has heard of Photoshopping, but few people have had the expertise needed to do it. With artificial intelligence, that's no longer the case.

We recently transformed a portrait of one of us into something unreal, and it took just a few seconds. Opening the image in a new AI version of Adobe Photoshop, we selected the area around the head and typed "add a clown wig" into a box. Up sprouted a curly rainbow of photorealistic locks, blending perfectly into the surrounding trees.

AI is ushering Photoshopping into a new era, where you can alter an image in sophisticated and sometimes scary ways without mastering complex software. It is far from perfect: You can remove an ex from a photo in just two clicks, though the hit-or-miss AI might replace that person with a different one whose face looks like it's melting.

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