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What Association Boards and CEOs Must Understand in the Age of Polycrisis

There must be a higher standard of stewardship, governing and foresight

For most of this decade’s first three years, humanity’s central focus was on the struggle to survive and overcome the worst public health crisis of our lifetimes. While we knew that the 2020s would be a time of great turbulence before they began, we were not prepared for the turbulence’s near-immediate arrival or its detrimental impact on every aspect of our lives and our world.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a painful wake-up call.

Today, with the first third of The Turbulent Twenties behind us, we are entering into a different and disquieting new phase. While the global health emergency has been rescinded, the pandemic goes on, and we will continue to navigate COVID-19’s enduring consequences. At the same time, fit-for-purpose association boards and their CEOs and staff also need to shift their attention and focus on understanding another threat on the horizon: the polycrisis.

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