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Wildfire Smoke Puts Chicago Among Cities with World's Worst Air Quality

It’s the latest in a series of smoke invasions this month

A new round of dense smoke has invaded the United States, specifically the Great Lakes region, as wildfires continue to munch through forests across Quebec and Ontario, with more than 3.7 million acres scorched over the last week in those provinces alone. Early Tuesday, Chicago air quality ranked as the worst in the world among major cities.

As residents of Chicago awoke to smoke in the air, the city was joined by Minneapolis and Detroit in the top 10 with worst air quality, all dealing with Code Red conditions. Air quality was even worse in smaller cities, such as Grand Rapids, Mich., where Code Purple has been reached, as it has in much of central lower Michigan.

Air quality alerts are in effect Tuesday for much of Minnesota, all of Wisconsin and Michigan, and parts of northern Indiana and Illinois.

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