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How to Properly Design a Member Call Center

Before implementing it, know your needs and goals

Spring is a time of excitement and activity, and in our world here at the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), motorcycle enthusiasts ready their rides for the outdoor season. In 2022, it was also a time to take a serious look at how we were connecting with members and welcoming them into the motorcycling community. This meant evaluating our internal member call center processes and how our departments managed member calls.

The outcomes of the evaluation served as the foundation for defining our needs:

  • Our call center was heavily geared toward reactive in-bound calls.
  • The call center team needed to reduce the amount of stress and repetition.
  • The collective cost of phone software solutions was a significant expense, and the association's phone system had poor call quality and wasn't being used to its full extent.
Project Goals

The needs defined our philosophy and scope to evaluate new call center business models and phone system software solutions.

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