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Governor DeWine Signs Fiscal Year 2024-2025 Budget

The new bill comes with wins and losses for Ohioans

Late last night, Governor Mike DeWine signed Ohio's fiscal year 2024-2025 operating budget bill into law. 

House Bill 33 supports the priorities of the DeWine administration by taking advantage of Ohio's time in history to make strategic investments in our thriving economy, communities and families in a manner that positions Ohio for continued success in the future.

According to DeWine's office, the budget focuses on providing new opportunities for jobs and economic development; helping Ohio's children get a better start in life through education initiatives; and unprecedented support for mothers and children; an historic investment in mental health services and infrastructure, and significant incentives and policies to improve the quality of nursing home care.

“I am proud to sign this budget, and while it makes historic investments in Ohioans across their lives, I believe we are doing more to support and encourage Ohio’s children to lead happy, healthy, and productive lives than ever before,” said DeWine. “Whether it is helping them get the healthiest start in life by providing top-notch healthcare for moms; to expanding access to quality early childhood education; to ensuring their teachers have the resources and skills needed to teach students how to read in the way their brains learn to read; to providing prevention and early intervention tools for those struggling with mental and behavioral health issues; to expanding access and opportunity for all types of training, certifications, and degrees after high school graduation, and continued career development; through ensuring Ohioans have a high quality of life and the highest quality of care as they age, this budget helps make Ohio the heart of opportunity for everyone.”

DeWine issued 44 line-item vetoes to House Bill 33; they can be viewed here:

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