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Why Personal Communication Means More Now

Wise leaders will know to use generative AI cautiously

I am not an artificial intelligence (A)I catastrophist. I don't believe that AI will, as a substantial number of leaders apparently believe, destroy humanity in a few years. Every new technology, from the codex to the car to the personal computer, has arrived alongside proclamations that they spell our downfall. More often, we simply adapt. New technologies reshape how industries go about their business and what skills will be essential to them, but the industries survive (barring the stray buggy-whip concern or vaudeville circuit).

While that gets sorted out, though, leaders and managers will likely be prone to doing some dumb things when it comes to communicating.

One example of this comes from a SHRM report last month noting that LinkedIn has enabled AI tools that recruiters can use to reach out to candidates. LinkedIn’s VP of Product Hari Srinivasan enthused about its simplicity to SHRM: The company’s in-house generative AI model has been trained on the site’s messages, and then uses “information from the candidate’s profile, job description, and the recruiter’s company to draft a highly personalized message to get the conversation started.

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